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CBI Cares

Cooking for CBI Cares
The Social Action Committee is organizing an evening of cooking meals for CBI Cares, which will be given
to congregants in need due to illness or other circumstances, on Wednesday, January 31st beginning at
6:30p.m. at the synagogue (late arrivals are ok!). This is always a fun evening of fellowship (and tasting) in
the kitchen. If you’d like to join us, please contact Amy at

CBI Cares Thanks Kiddush Sponsors and Shoppers

Saturday morning services are the backbone and lifeblood of our synagogue. There is a group of loyal attendees every week joined by a changing group of other congregants and friends. At the end of every week’s services, there is a Kiddush, both for nourishment and socializing.

You might be interested to know who takes care of providing the Kiddush. Early this summer CBI Cares took on the responsibility of seeking sponsors for each Saturday morning’s Kiddush. The response has been overwhelmingly positive! Thank you to all of the Kiddush sponsors (whose names are mentioned elsewhere in this bulletin) for their generosity and support.

CBI needs Kiddush sponsors throughout the year. If you would like to sponsor a Kiddush for any event including a Yahrzeit, birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc., or just to support your synagogue, please email or Amy Sherr in the office (978-474-0540 or If we have a date that needs a sponsor and you are asked if you would consider sponsoring a Kiddush, please say ‘yes’! We provide guidelines for what food is at a typical Kiddush if you need them. We will even do the shopping for you if you are unable (see below).

Some of the people who sponsor the Kiddush are not able to do the food shopping for the Kiddush. The unsung heroes of many Saturday mornings’ Kiddush are the Mitzvah Mensch Kiddush Shoppers. A hearty thank you to Tanya Gould, Barbara Moverman, Robin Pike and Leslie Silverstein. These Mitzvah Mensch Kiddush Shoppers work behind the scenes by volunteering their time to shop for the Kiddush food and by bringing the Kiddush food to the synagogue before Saturday. If you would like to volunteer to be a Mitzvah Mensch Kiddush Shopper, please email

Thank you to all CBI congregants and friends for continuing to make CBI a very caring community!


What makes CBI so special is our wonderful, caring community
.  The CBI Cares Committee invites each of you to participate in our compassionate congregation in a very real way by becoming a CBI Mitzvah Mensch.  What is a CBI Mitzvah Mensch?  A CBI Mitzvah Mensch is someone who performs a deed of loving kindness for someone in the CBI community.

What a CBI Mitzvah Mensch can do:

* Cook/pick up a mitzvah meal for someone recovering from illness/surgery

* Cook/pick up a mitzvah meal for a family sitting shiva

* Deliver a mitzvah meal

* Call or visit someone who is recovering from illness or surgery

* Call or visit someone who would enjoy some company

*Provide transportation for someone in need

* Help celebrate our congregants’ simchas

If you are in need of this kind of support from your CBI community, please contact the CBI Cares Committee at or call Amy at the CBI office (978-474-0540).