Today is August 4, 2020 -

Congregation Beth Israel

A spiritual oasis for the Jewish community

6 Dundee Park
Andover, MA 01810

(978) 474-0540

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Our Community


שלימה רפואה – Refuah Shelamah, Complete & Speedy Recovery
Terry Fetters
Adelle Stavis

טוב מזל – Mazel Tov, Congratulations
Robin Insuik & Hank Eppich, on the engagement of their daughter, Hannah, to Duncan Sewall
Robin Insuik & Hank Eppich, on the marriage of their son, Ben, to Jessica

תנחומים – Tanchumim, Condolences
Judith Green Chaloff, on the death of her beloved partner, Martin “Marty” Weiss
Elaine Winic, on the death of her beloved aunt, Helen Rosenstone
Les Tye, on the death of his beloved brother, Sumner Howard Tye
Ellen Maltzman, on the death of her beloved father, Stanley Leonard Saperstein

טובה נסיעה – Nesiyah Tovah, Good Travels
Leslie & Dave Silverstein, to Australia & New Zealand

רבה תודה – Todah Rabah, Thank You
Robin Rose, for IT guidance
Bob Moverman, for copy paper
Ethel Somers, for weekly admin support
Sue Nellhaus, for monthly admin support
Caren Jacobson, for event refreshments
Bashert, for beautiful music at Shabbat Chai
Judy Mizner, for her work on a grant proposal
Tanya Gould, for a delicious Shabbat Chai dinner
Tanya Gould, for a very thorough kitchen cleaning
Rick Pike, for leading a meaningful Book Discussion
Ed Sloan, for leading a meaningful Current Events Discussion
Howie Spector, for a CBI banner to hang over the entry railing during CBI events

Jon Brody, and his Sweet Indulgence Team ~ who have worked diligently for several months, and are looking
forward to hosting the event on 2/1/2020, and sharing positive results of a successful fundraiser!