Today is October 19, 2017 -

Congregation Beth Israel

A spiritual oasis for the Jewish community

Riverwalk - 360 Merrimack Street
Building 5, 3rd Floor
Lawrence, MA 01843-1740

(978) 474-0540

The President’s Corner

Dear Congregants and Friends,

When we agreed to be Co-Presidents this past spring, we will now admit, it was initially with a bit of hesitation. After all, we’ve both been down this road before. Could we make a difference, and did we have the energy to try? After much discussion, we jumped in with all 4 feet, and our commitment has been matched by yours. We are invigorated and excited about what we’ve witnessed over the last several months. The Board has stepped up with renewed energy, taking action to move us forward. Even more vital, it’s very clear that the congregation has made a commitment to the shul, as well.

This spring, Rabbi Mandell chose to honor his Father’s memory by offering matching grants to our community in a number of strategic areas.  Thanks to the Rabbi’s and the congregation’s extreme generosity, our matching grant program was a smashing success. The matching appeal raised a total of $20,772 ($5K from the Rabbi and $15,772 from other donations) targeted towards:

  • Conservative Movement’s new siddur and/or machzor (Our current siddur is over 20 years old and our current machzor is over 40 years old.)
  • Adult Education Speakers’ Program
  • Social and Religious Programming
  • Board and Community Building Consultants
  • Social Action/Social Justice
  • Other Strategic Initiatives

We have recently purchased new machzorim for the High Holy Days due to the success of this campaign, and are looking forward to more strategic initiatives in the future, which you all have made possible.

In the Rabbi’s words: “I am hoping that if this matching grant appeal is successful, it will inspire others in our community to do the same with their deceased friends and loved ones – ideally leading to the creation of a special fund, called the “Legacy Fund:  May Their Memory Always Be For A Blessing”.

We are thrilled to say this was an amazing success and are extremely grateful for the generosity shown by all involved. May Leonard C. Mandell’s memory, and all of your loved ones whose memories serve as inspiration, always be for a blessing.

Thank you to the following donors:

Susannah & Rob Abbott
Jon & Ellen Brody
Miriam & David Brous
Judith Green Chaloff, in memory of my loved ones
Beth & Peter Edelstein
Terry Fetters
Tanya Gould & Jeremy Finkle
Howie & Paula Flagler
Alan & Debby Friedman
Sarah Blumenstock Girrell, in memory of Alexander & Rivarose Blumenstock, Harry & Laura Werstein,
Samuel & Theresa Blumenstock
Ron & Suzanne Grosz
Rebecca Fishbein & Mitch Guttentag
Roberta E. Hantgan, in memory of my father, George Hantgan, z”l
Caren Jacobson & Blair Roberts
Gerald & Judith Krantweiss, in memory of Max Soffer, rest in peace
Sandi & Jeff Mintz, in memory of Allen Mintz and Ruth Stein
Judy Mizner, in memory of Rita & Sidney Mizner, Robert I. Mizner
Barbara & Bob Moverman
Burt & Cindy Ochs, in loving memory of Fred Bachner and Mal Ochs, fathers and grandfathers of Burt,
Cindy, Stephen and Rachel Ochs
Robin & Mike Rose
Irene Shainker, James Shainker, and Ilana & Israel Lopez, in memory of Arthur Shainker
Yana Shapiro, Mark, Stevi, Judi, Courtney and Jordan, in memory of Bernie Shapiro, loving husband,
father, and grandfather
Bill Shek & Jill Aszling, in memory of Nellie & Sidney Shek and Carolyn & Richard Aszling
David & Leslie Silverstein
Michelle & Larry Soll
Faye & Richard Soll
Ethel Somers, in memory of my dear husband, Leonard Somers
Tina & Howie Spector, in memory of Mildred Spector & Louis Spector, lifelong supporters of CBI
Jeff & Gayle Tye
Elaine Winic, in memory of Sam & Edna Winic
Jeanne & Phil Zeller, in memory of our parents

With the continued commitment of the congregation, we are looking forward to all we can accomplish together in the coming year.

Robin Rose and Howard Spector